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Product: CS-5630 Kiln, Model/SKU: , Price: $15,963.00


Glass Fusing    Glass Painting    Glass Slumping   

Deluxe Quartz Tubes

Imagine the huge glass pieces you could make inside the Paragon CS-5630. Enjoy complete access to your artwork from the sides and front. Add delicate stringers or frit without having to move the shelf into the kiln later.

The roof elements are protected in 10 quartz tubes for a cleaner kiln interior. There is less dust in the kiln, because there are no element grooves in the top.

Heat from the Top, Walls, and Floor

The CS-5630 is 56” x 30” x 17” high. With elements in the floor, walls, and roof, you will enjoy unsurpassed heat distribution. The digital controller uses Power Ratio technology to vary the heat output between the top and bottom elements. Choose the ratio of heat in increments of 10 percent.

Extra Insulation and Woven Gasket

Lift the kiln top section with handles in the front and sides and with assistance from gas springs. The roof is 3” thick ceramic fiber, and the walls are 3” firebrick backed by 1” of ceramic fiber board (4” of total wall thickness). The extra insulation helps to maintain even temperatures. A woven gasket between the kiln top and floor helps to hold in the heat. The floor surface is a convenient 30” high from ground level. The 4 ½” thick firebrick floor includes two expansion joints.

Watch the glass through 2” x 3” peepholes mounted in the left and right sides. The engineered peephole plugs include steel handles. The kiln remains stable with locking casters.

Motorized Vent for Firing Molds

If you fire molds, you will welcome the motorized Orton Vent Master, which is mounted in the back wall of the kiln. The vent, mounted on rubber isolators to prevent vibration, removes moisture from the kiln through two rear-mounted collection cups. This reduces rust in the kiln. The vent is standard on the CS-5630 and plugs into an auxiliary output in the back of the kiln. This allows you to turn on the vent through the digital controller.

Low Maintenance

Deluxe, long-lasting mercury relays are standard. Gain convenient access to the electrical components by removing a single panel. The kiln includes access panels for easy replacement of the quartz tubes.


The CS-5630 is the very picture of ruggedness. A sheet metal ledge extends in front of the kiln by 3 3/4” to protect the brick floor from damage caused by leaning into the kiln. The digital controller is mounted away from the heat of the firing chamber for long life. The kiln base is welded from 2” x 2” steel tubing; the upper kiln frame is welded from 1” x 1” steel tubing.

Features of the CS-5630

  • 10 quartz tubes in the top, 2 sidewall element grooves, and 10 element pinless element ball grooves in the floor
  • Mercury relays
  • Rope door seal between the kiln top and floor helps to hold in the heat.
  • Rear-mounted Orton Kiln Vent ventilation system (with two collection cups) removes moisture from molds.
  • Easy access electrical panel
  • Stainless steel control panel
  • Power ratio elements
  • Gas springs assist in lifting the 3” thick ceramic fiber top.
  • 2” x 3” side mounted peepholes with engineered plugs and steel handles
  • 3” firebrick and 1” ceramic fiber board (4” total thickness) sidewalls so the sides are cool.
  • Front handle: 51” long; side handles (one on each side): 18” long
  • Locking casters
  • 2 expansion joints in the 4 1/2” thick firebrick floor
  • Flat Load Floor, 30" from static ground level
  • Exterior: 70 1/2” wide x 53” deep x 52” high
  • Exterior with top raised: 70 1/2” wide x 63” deep x 76” high
  • 48 1/2” doorway clearance if you remove the Orton Vent from the back

Thermocouple with “special limit” wire

The thermocouple senses temperature inside the kiln. It is the small rod that extends into the firing chamber. The ¼” wide Type-K, 14-gauge, exposed-tip thermocouple is made with special-limit wire for superior accuracy. The exposed tip gives the controller a fast response time for even temperatures during holds. The thermocouple is made in America to our exacting standards.

Designed for production

Paragon’s warranty is not affected by frequency of use. Fire your new kiln every day if you want, even in commercial settings. That will have no effect on the warranty period.

Optional colors at no extra charge

Brighten your studio with color! Order your kiln in one of our standard colors at no extra charge . . . berry, black, blue, hot pink, jade, navy, purple, or turquoise. Scroll down to see color samples in the options section.

  • Special-limit, Quick response thermocouple

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    Max. Temperature










    Breaker Size


    Circuit Copper Wire Size

    4 gauge

    TUV tested to CSA and UL Standard 499




    IMPORTANT: Some areas such as Canada and Europe require a lid or door safety switch on kilns.

    Control Type

    Sentry Digital 12-key Non-Ceramic





    Disclaimer: The specifications above assume that the kiln will be plugged into a dedicated circuit. Local electric codes supersede our recommendations.

    The pricing and electrical specifications for the above products reflect their design for use in the United States. The International versions of most models will have variations in electrical specifications and price due to consumer safety requirements or electrical regulations.

    Kiln Type

    Top Loading Square



    Understanding Chamber Measurements

    Chamber Volume

    15.00 CU.FT.
    424.75 litres

    Chamber Length

    56.00 IN
    1422 mm

    Chamber Width

    30.00 IN
    762 mm

    Chamber Depth

    16.00 IN
    406 mm

    The Outer Size of the Kiln and the Shipping Size: Width = Left to Right; Depth = Front to Back; Height = Top to Bottom

    Outer Size

    70.50W x 63.00D x 76.00H Inches
    1791W x 1600D x 1930H mm

    Ship Size

    78.00W x 61.00D x 76.00H Inches
    1981W x 1549D x 1930H mm

    Ship Weight

    0.00 Lbs.
    0.00 Kg.

    Doorway Clearance Needed

    48.50 Inches
    1231.90 mm

    Ship Method & Notations

    This Kiln Ships Via Truck

    This kiln is subject to a UPS oversize box charge.

    Part Number

       * Base Model





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