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Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Paragon Kiln

1 We have exactly what you need

With over 1,500 kilns in 20 product lines, Paragon has the largest kiln selection in the industry to support your firing requirements. We offer everything from small table top kilns that operate on a standard 120 volt household outlet to large production kilns. Our kilns are competitively priced and offer you the best value in cost per cubic foot of interior space.

2 Safety

Your safety is Paragon’s highest priority. Most of our catalog standard kilns are tested to UL Standard 499 by the TUV testing lab. Safety is assured by the initial testing along with the quarterly compliance visits from TUV. All of our products comply with the National Electric Code.

3 Easy to use

Our kilns are ergonomically designed. We offer many ceramic, pottery, and glass front loading kilns that make loading easy. All of our large top-loading kilns come standard with our LiteLid system, an original design that has been widely imitated. You can lift the lid with two fingers. All of our digital kilns use controllers from the Orton Ceramic Foundation because of the bright, easy-to-read display and simple programming.

4 Local distributor network for sales and support

We have over 200 knowledgeable distributors throughout the United States and in 17 countries. They can assist you in selecting a kiln, answer your questions on firing, and provide on-going support. Many distributors stock common replacement parts and kiln accessories. Please visit www.paragonweb.com to find a distributor near you.

5 Reliable

We manufacture kilns that produce consistent, repeatable firings to eliminate wasted materials and time. Elements are designed with heavy gauge wire for long element life. Further, the elements are tuned to produce even heat distribution. We have found the digital controllers from Orton to be the most reliable in the industry. We warrant the Orton Sentry 2.0 controller for 2 ½ years. Every kiln must pass a 15-step quality control inspection before it is shipped to you.

6 Easy maintenance

You can change elements in minutes with our crimpless element connectors; recessed grooves hold the elements of most models without pins. The digital controller can be removed in minutes for upgrade or repair. We include a wiring diagram and instruction manual with each model. At our website, you can sign up for free e-mail pointers on kiln firing and maintenance.

7 Customized options and upgrades

Many models can be customized to your needs with S-Type thermocouples, 3-zone temperature control, APM elements, or the Orton Vent Master. We can build a custom kiln that suits your exact needs.

8 Toll-free setup and on-going support

A live person answers the phone during business hours—not a recording. Our three customer service representatives receive ongoing training on Paragon kilns. They are happy to answer your questions. Call 800-876-4328. Long after the sale, they are available to answer your firing and maintenance questions. We hold intensive 1 1/2-day In-Plant Kiln Maintenance Seminars at our Mesquite, Texas manufacturing plant. We invite our customers to attend a seminar and learn kiln maintenance and operation from the Paragon staff. Replacement parts are readily available and usually ship the next business day.

9 Safe shipping

We are one of the few major kiln manufacturers that package the kilns for truck shipment in sturdy wooden crates. Every kiln shipped by UPS is packaged with UPS-approved boxes padded with spray packaging foam.

10 Made in America

Our kilns are proudly made in America to exacting standards by skilled craftsmen.

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