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Can the digital controller be programmed to turn off the kiln vent?

Yes. This requires the AOP outlet, which is a receptacle mounted to the kiln’s switch box. Plug the Orton Vent Master into the AOP to control when the vent operates during firing. It is easy to program the vent operation in either Cone-Fire or Ramp-H ... [More]

Can you fire two kilns with one portable digital controller?

Yes. A portable controller can fire more than one kiln if you rotate the controller between the kilns, firing them one at a time. While one kiln is cooling, use the controller to fire the other kiln.

The controller plugs into the wall outlet ... [More]

Does a digital kiln read out kilowatts used after each firing?

The Paragon Sentry 2.0 controller gives the electrical cost of a firing. In Options, enter the cost that you pay for electricity in kilowatt hours. (A kilowatt-hour is 1,000 watts of electricity running for 1 hour.) You can enter the cost in any form ... [More]

Does your Sentry computer interface require an RS-232 port?

The interface kit has an RS-232 connection. However, you can also connect the controller to your computer through a USB port. You will need a simple USB/RS-232 adapter.

... [More]

How complicated is a digital kiln to repair?

There isn't much to go wrong in a digital kiln. The system is simple and easy to understand. The components:

1/2 amp fuse: helps to protect the controller

transformer: sends 24 volts AC to the controller

controller: decides ... [More]

How do you design digital kilns to fire evenly without 3-zone controls?

Three-zone control improves heat distribution in a digital kiln by taking separate temperature readings from three sections of the firing chamber. We offer optional three-zone on digital kilns, but most people don’t order it, because we use "tuned" e ... [More]

I have a digital kiln. Do I also need a pyrometer?

You do not need a pyrometer, because the microprocessor on your kiln is itself a type of pyrometer. The pyrometer only reads a temperature. The microprocessor on your kiln not only reads temperature but also controls heating rate to a specific temper ... [More]

I need help in choosing a portable controller for my kiln.

Our portable, wall-mounted controller is called the TnF 2. It will work with kilns of any brand. Information needed to order the TnF 2:

1) What type of controller do you want, 3-key or 12-key?

The TnF 2 controller can be ordered with ... [More]

Is holding temperature with an infinite switch an alternative to a costly controller in glass fusing?

Yes, you can fire glass with a manual kiln. The controller is not essential. Paragon's first glass kilns were all equipped with infinite control switches.

The digital controller simplifies glass firings, though, especially if you are using a ... [More]

Is it possible to add a stand-alone digital controller to an older kiln?

Yes. We call the stand-alone controller the TnF 2. It is housed in a switch box that includes a cord and an electrical outlet.

1) The TnF 2 controller plugs into your wall outlet.

2) Your kiln, in turn, plugs into the outlet on the T ... [More]

Is there an easy way to figure electrical cost of a Paragon digital kiln?

The latest 12-key Sentry 2.0 controller calculates the cost of electricity to fire a load. Program into the controller your cost of electricity and the kiln's wattage.

... [More]

What is a disadvantage, if any, of 3-zone controllers?

The disadvantage of 3-zone digital control is that the system requires three thermocouples instead of one. The 3-zone system, however, is useful for glazes that have a very narrow firing range.

... [More]

What is the computer interface for a digital kiln controller?

The Control Master software used with Paragon’s Sentry 12-key controller comes with two programs:

1) The Remote Control & Monitoring program

2) The Analysis program

The Remote Control & Monitoring program compiles data from ... [More]

Showing FAQs 13of 13    

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