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Product: Super Dragon Kiln, Model/SKU: S0906-33, Price: $13,092.24

Super Dragon

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  • Feature: 14 gauge thermocouple
  • Feature: frequency of use does not affect warranty
  • Feature: Optional color at no extra charge
  • Paragon Super Dragon

    The Super Dragon is an industrial furnace designed for pottery and ceramic studios. And considering its features, it is surprisingly affordable.

    Quick to load

    If you fire ware that is similar in size from one firing to the next, you can leave the shelves and posts stacked in the Dragon between firings. Reach into the kiln to remove the ware and reload the kiln for the next firing.

    Since you are loading from the side, you can easily see how close the ware is to the kiln walls and the shelf above. Think of how much time this will save you.

    Loading sculptures

    Loading a tall sculpture into a top-loading kiln requires skill and care to avoid nudging the piece against the kiln wall. Loading sculpture into a front-loading kiln is faster and easier, because you can see what you are doing. There is far less risk of damaging the piece.

    Exceptional element life

    The Super Dragon exudes power. Its 21,600 watts heat the 27” wide, 27” deep, 36” high interior to cone 10 with ample power to spare. This results in long element life, because the elements do not “struggle” to reach high temperatures. Dropped, recessed grooves seat industrial-gauge elements.

    Extra insulation saves energy and lengthens cooling. The 4” thick walls, top and door are made of 3” firebrick backed by 1” of ceramic fiber block insulation. The floor is 4 ½” thick firebrick. The extra insulation not only saves energy but also cools the kiln slowly without having to turn the elements back on. This gives the micro-crystalline structure and color of the glaze sufficient time for full development. Cool slowly to achieve dramatic shifts in glaze color such as iron reds and enjoy the richer look of gas firing. Create breathtaking pottery in the exciting Super Dragon.

    Hinged switch box for easy maintenance

    The ventilated switch box is generously slotted for air circulation for the long life of the electrical components. Hinged at the bottom, the switch box opens wide for easy maintenance. Open the box in seconds by merely removing two screws at the top. A folding support arm holds the box in the open position. There is plenty of working space around electrical components. A bank of built-in NEC/UL compliant high-amperage fuses protects the kiln and circuit wiring.

    Doorway Clearance

    The Super Dragon will fit through a 42” doorway.

    Order the optional Orton Vent Master, which mounts to the back of the kiln. (Note: Door elements and stainless steel finish are not available on the Super Dragon.)

    Super Dragon features

    • Saves electricity with extra insulation
    • Cone 10, 2350°F
    • 3” insulating firebrick and 1” non-organic block insulation in walls, top and door: 4” total thickness
    • 4 ½” thick firebrick bottom
    • 15.18 cubic foot Interior: 27" wide x 27" deep x 36" tall
    • Case temperature at cone 10: 170°F (compared to 400-500°F for standard firebrick kilns)
    • UL/CUL & NEC compliant fuses for safety


    Max. Temperature










    Breaker Size


    Circuit Wire Size

    0 gauge





    IMPORTANT: Some areas such as Canada and Europe require a lid or door safety switch on kilns.

    Control Type

    Sentry Digital 12-key Ceramics





    Kiln Type

    Front Loading Square



    Understanding Chamber Measurements

    Chamber Volume

    15.30 CU.FT.
    433.25 litres

    Chamber Width

    27.00 IN
    686 mm

    Chamber Depth

    27.00 IN
    686 mm

    Chamber Height

    36.00 IN
    914 mm

    The Outer Size of the Kiln and the Shipping Size: Width = Left to Right; Depth = Front to Back; Height = Top to Bottom

    Outer Size

    51.50W x 43.00D x 78.00H Inches
    1308W x 1092D x 1981H mm

    Ship Size

    64.00W x 67.00D x 87.00H Inches
    1626W x 1702D x 2210H mm

    Ship Weight

    1550.00 Lbs.
    703.08 Kg.

    Ship Method & Notations

    This Kiln Ships Via Truck

    Part Number

    S0906-33   * Base Model



    Disclaimer: The specifications above assume that the kiln will be plugged into a dedicated circuit. Local electric codes supersede our recommendations.

    The pricing and electrical specifications for the above products reflect their design for use in the United States. The International versions of most models will have variations in electrical specifications and price due to consumer safety requirements or electrical regulations.


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    Legend: * = Base Model

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