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Sentry Digital 12-key Non-Ceramic Control Type

Paragon digital kilns are powered by either the 12-key Sentry digital temperature controller or the smaller 3-key Sentry Xpress. These advanced controllers are the result of intensive design effort between Paragon Industries, L.P. and the controller manufacturer, the Orton Ceramic Foundation. The controllers add convenience and repeatable accuracy to your firings.

Owning a Sentry is like hiring an assistant to watch your kiln. Nevertheless, please remember that you should monitor the kiln occasionally during firing, especially near the expected shut-off. (We do not warrant against over-fires.)

Sentry 12-Key 2.0

You can program the Sentry 12-key in seconds; enter the temperatures with a key pad. Some of the exciting features of this controller:

  • Temperature display in bright red throughout firing and cooling in your choice of °F or °C
  • Firing Cost: In Options, enter your cost of electricity and the amperage listed on the side of your kiln. After the kiln fires to completion, press the 8 key. The controller will show you the cost of electricity to fire that load.
  • Rate: At the factory, we can configure your controller to show rate as degrees of temperature change per hour (the default), degrees of temperature change per minute, or elapsed time needed to reach a temperature.
  • Stop/Back Key goes back one step with each key press during programming. Use this feature to correct programming errors.
  • Add Time Key adds five minutes to a temperature hold with each key press during firing. Helpful for fusing glass--achieve the exact degree of fusing that you desire.
  • Program Review lets you check that the program you are about to fire is correct.
  • Audible Temperature Alarm to remind yourself to close a vented lid or to check the kiln near firing completion.
  • 30 Month Sentry 12-key Controller Warranty
  • Thermocouple Selection: The Sentry 2.0 can operate types K, S or R thermocouples.
  • Error Messages report mechanical problems such as a disconnected thermocouple, bad voltage, temperature deviation, etc..
  • 14 Segment Display is easier to read than the previous 7 segment.
  • Program Safety Lock for the program in active memory. Gives you peace of mind.
  • Delay Fire: Set the time that the firing is to start. The kiln will turn on at that time.
  • LED Lights show when the relays are powered.
  • Quick Release Molex Connectors permit fast removal of the controller. Replacing the Sentry 2.0 or Sentry Xpress takes only minutes.

For older kilns: The Sentry 2.0 can be installed on all earlier Paragon 12-key digital kilns. It uses the same size faceplate as the DTC 100 - 1000 series. Upgrade a switch-operated kiln with the wall-mount TnF II controller.


The thermocouple senses temperature inside the kiln. The standard thermocouple on most Paragon kilns equipped with the Sentry 2.0 is the ¼” Type-K. It is hermetically sealed in a high-nickel metal sheath for long life. It replaces the earlier 1/8” thermocouple.

Though a precision instrument, the Type-K thermocouple wears with use, resulting in a gradual shift in temperature readout. (This wear occurs mostly above 2000°F.) If you fire pottery, consider the deluxe Type-S, noted for its extreme longevity.

Ramp-Hold Custom Programming

Ramp-Hold allows you to infinitely adjust each part of the firing cycle. Vary the firing and cooling to obtain different effects from the same glaze. You will enjoy experimenting.

Ramp-Hold programs are made of segments. Each segment has a temperature, firing rate, and, if desired, a temperature hold.

  • Skip Segment skips past any segment during a firing.
  • Store Nine Programs: One 18-segment and eight 10-segment programs remain in memory even when the kiln is unplugged.
  • Present Status shows which segment the kiln has reached during firing.
  • Control both heating and cooling. For deeper colors, especially iron reds, experiment with slow cooling.
  • Hold is available in every segment.

AOP Vent

The “Auxiliary Output” is available on most Paragon TnF kilns. The AOP is a relay-powered electrical receptacle mounted to the kiln. You can plug an Orton KilnVent into the AOP to control when the vent turns on during firing.

Three Zone Firing

Standard TnF kilns are single zone; 3 zone is optional on 10- and 12-sided TnF kilns. Three zone is now faster and more accurate than on previous 3 zone controllers because of the Sentry’s time-temperature algorithm. This eliminates the temperature lag adjustment.

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