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Customers Say ...

See what some of our customers say about our kilns, see how they are using them.

Mel Jacobson says, "I would do anything to promote Paragon Industries."

“I have been working with Paragon for some time. They are a great company and make very good kilns. They are the new sponsor of Clayart. I have severe brand loyalty.

“I would do anythi ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Nicolette Smith says, "I have received nothing but the friendliest, most helpful, and genuine from-the-heart help since I acquired my first Paragon kiln, a pre-owned Kiln Sitter model from a thrift store."

Paragon is THE kiln to depend upon. Thanks for the quality.

I'm glad to help promote Paragon whenever I get the chance, especially when friends drop by and see the pieces at each stage. They are amazed at how firing turns a form into a ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

John Rodgers says, "Of all the kilns I have ever had, I really like those Paragons."

"As for the Paragon kilns, I think they are excellent. They are well constructed, and they have a wonderful spring-loaded lid system that makes it very easy for women - even small women to lift - virtually with three fingers ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Judith Conway of Vitrum Studio says, "We’ve never had one person dissatisfied with a Paragon kiln."

“We’ve never had one person dissatisfied with a Paragon kiln. I can say that with complete honesty. When you sell a kiln, you don’t make a huge margin, but you’re building a customer.”

“Our Paragon kilns are essential to the successful o ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Jeff Zamek says, "Paragon kilns just go on working forever."

“Schools and craft centers fire their kilns almost every day. Though often abused and neglected by students and teachers, Paragon kilns do very well in the teaching environment. Paragon kilns just go on working forever.”

Jeff Zamek, Cerami ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Scott Causey says, "My Paragon TnF-28-3 kiln has been perfect."

“I’m probably the most abusive person to a kiln. My Paragon kiln is a workhorse. I fire it three times a week average, and sometimes twice a day.

“My Paragon TnF-28-3 kiln has been perfe ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Dan Fenton says, "I never hear complaints about your kilns."

“I’ve fired your kilns all over the country during my seminars. I never hear complaints about your kilns. They are reliable and last a hell of a long time.”--Dan Fenton of Fenton Glass Studio in Oakland, California

Full Kiln Testimonial]

Emma Ralph says, "The Paragon Caldera is my first kiln. I have been so impressed with the all-round performance and service."

Emma Ralph is a prominent, full-time bead maker who lives in Coulsdon, a town in Surrey, England. She has loved making beads since her teens. “Ask any beadmaker--it's an addiction we cannot break!" she said.

“I use my Caldera mainly for ba ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

John Myers says, "Paragon kilns have been a good investment for us."

“Jan and I have been married and working together for 33 years,” said John Myers. “About 28 years ago, we gave up our big gas kiln and started learning about electric kilns. We were typical potters making thrown and high fir ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Earline Green says, "The Paragon Dragon's design and controls are perfect for firing large flat pieces."

Earline Green, a noted ceramics teacher in Dallas, Texas, created a massive clay quilt display as a commission from the Office of Cultural Affairs in Dallas, Texas. She fired the quilts in her Paragon Dragon kiln.

... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Dawn Vertrees says, "I love my little Paragon Caldera kiln."

Q. What are the most interesting things you've learned about firing porcelain in the Caldera?

A. It has to be accurate! I fire porcelain at Cone 6, and every time my pieces come out b ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Leslie Perlis says, "I can count on my GL-22 for even firing."

“I love my Paragon kiln,” said Leslie. “It has been an important part of my studio for 12 years. After I’ve put in a lot of work into a piece, I can count on my GL-22 for even firing.

Full Kiln Testimonial]

David Hendley says, "My Paragon has delivered reliable and constant results year after year."

“For the last fifteen years I have been firing all my work in a wood-fired kiln,” said David, who works closely with his wife, Karen. "I enjoy the excitement of the firings, and my friends and customers like the random fire ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

David Snyder says, "Paragon is by far the most solid-built, virtually repair-free kiln made."

David began repairing kilns at age 15 in his parents’ ceramic shop. That was 30 years ago. Today he lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and services kilns in an eight-state area.

“Parag ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Bullseye Glass Co. says, "Now Paragon kilns are easier than ever to operate."

“When we wanted superior kiln roofs, Paragon designed fiber tops with embedded elements. When we pressed for reliable relays, Paragon supplied the long-lasting mercury option. We’ve suggested modifications in element placeme ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Pam East says, "Over the years the versatile little SC-2 kiln has been an absolute workhorse and has never let me down."

I'm an enamellist and a metal clay artist. When I started looking for my first kiln, I wanted one kiln that would serve both these needs. I found exactly what I was looking for in the Paragon SC-2. Over the years this versatile little kiln has bee ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Becky Johnson says, "The success of the glass work at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas reflects directly on the quality and reliability of our Paragon kilns."

At the Creative Art Center of Dallas, a weathered sign in front reads “Bayles School 1856 – 1941.” The 1930s building at Laughlin Drive in Dallas, Texas started as an elementary school. Even after 16 years as the Creative Ar ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Nadia Khairy says, "I am indeed highly motivated to promote Paragon kilns."

“I live in Cairo, Egypt. I am indeed highly motivated to promote Paragon kilns--not only because of my long experience and the high quality of the kilns but also because of the most friendly assistance of the Paragon team. M ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Patrick Bauer says, "I am a customer forever."

“Paragon has shown me that there are still good people out there. The first kiln I ordered never made it to my house even though UPS said they delivered it. I called Paragon and talked to a sweet person in the shipping depar ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Linda Kaye-Moses says, "I recommend these kilns everywhere I've taught metal clay."

“I have been using a Paragon SC-2 in my studio for years, and it just keeps on chugging along, firing up to temp, holding temp, and allowing me to sinter fine silver and bronze metal clays. I also recommend these kilns every ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Connie Speer says, "When one of my customers chooses a Paragon Kiln, I know they are getting a fabulous kiln at a great price."

"Helping open almost 400 Paint Your Own Pottery Studios is tough work, but I love my job and I love my customers. I help them choose products from kilns through brushes, color and bisque based on quality of the line, custome ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Ann Davis says, "My current heartthrob is the SC-3. It'll do anything, probably stand on its head for me."

“If I were stranded on a desert isle, I would take my Keurig coffemaker, my Paragon kiln, a suitcase full of supplies, and a really long extension cord!

“I love Paragon, have been usin ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Sue Urquhart says, "I have an SC-1 as well as an SC-2 and I just love it!"

“I have an SC-1 as well as an SC-2 and I just love it! I fire nearly every day and now only use the SC-2 when I can't fit it all in the smaller kiln.

The SC-1 gets up to temp really fa ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Kari Rives says, "I love my Paragon Dragon and baby test kilns."

... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Cha-Rie Tang says, "The Paragon Dragon has changed my life."

“The Paragon Dragon has changed my life,” said Cha-Rie Tang, who makes custom tile murals. “A front-loading kiln is essential for tiles. I can load five layers easily. I can finally offer Craftsman tiles for installation, and I have accepted jobs ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

John W. Reed of Pilchuck Glass School says, "I can definitely state that Paragon Kilns are about as "student proof" and reliable as a kiln can be built."

"Pilchuck Glass School has used Paragon kilns in one form or the other for at least the past 20+ years. I can definitely state that Paragon kilns are about as ‘student proof’ and reliable as a kiln can be built. Paragon has also been great with th ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Trentini Stefano says, "I love my KM-14D!"

I live on the island of Lido near Venice. I bought my KM-14D in 1991 and I have sent other Italian knifemakers to you to buy kilns. I love this kiln! It still has the original thermocouple. It is a good kiln. ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Carrie Fertig says, "My studio has a Paragon kiln that gets fired up most days, and I can count on it always."

”I use Paragon kilns wherever I am, if it is at all possible. In February, 2011 I was artist in residence at Chichester Cathedral in England, flameworking in the North Transept for all visitors to see. The work I could make ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Gregory Brown of Unique Jewelry & Apparel says, "It is almost unheard of to find a company that is willing to take the time to assist a customer and troubleshoot their problems to the degree that Laura assisted me."

“I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Laura for her amazing customer service skills. Laura not only assisted me in finding a solution to my problem but went beyond ordinary customer service by locating ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Roger G. Moore says, "With over 20 Paragon kilns at the Bullseye Resource Center, the decision was much easier as both of the kiln models I selected were used by students and staff day in and day out at Bullseye."

“Reliability, engineering, and support were my primary criteria when selecting the Paragon kilns that I purchased over four years ago. I had taken a number of classes at Bullseye, which helped to define the purchasing perime ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Douglas H. Aston says, "Paragon is more than just a vendor for us--they're a partner that is key to our growth and success."

“When we launched Aston Lowery Designs, we knew our success would depend not just on artistry, but also on consistent and reliable production. Finding the right kilns was crucial, and after talking to other artists and perfo ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Susan Florian says, "It is really hard to be patient while waiting for each batch of glass to cool!"

Q. How did you get interested in acquiring a kiln?

A. I have always been fascinated by colored glass and made beaded jewelry for several years. I really wanted to give fusing a try. M ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Shirley Wilson says, "Keep up the great work all you folks who work at Paragon."

“I purchased a used Paragon kiln many years ago (long before Sitters). It was the best kiln I ever owned, and I have owned many kilns in my 40+ years as a professional potter. I now have a Paragon kiln controller, and I love ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Elmira Lukmanova (in Moscow, Russian Federation) says, "My Paragon kiln is a beautiful blue, and I love it!"

I have a Paragon SC-2 with bead door. I love it! ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Sarrah Hurst Groves says, "I mean it when I say I only have the highest praise for Paragon kilns!"

“Mostly what I love about Paragon is both the kiln function and durability itself and also the customer retention and support. I for one would never own any other kiln. I would like to mention the extreme great care your com ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Paul Tarlow says, "At Helios, we use and sell exclusively Paragon kilns."

At Helios, we use and sell exclusively Paragon kilns. Our kiln room is home to a little 120 volt Fusion-7, a Pearl-22 clamshell, a GL-24ADTSD front loader, and a huge GL-64 coffin kiln. We fire them pretty much non-stop 365 ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Marc Hines says, "If you are buying a new Fusion 10, I would strongly encourage you to order it with the ceramic fiber lid option."

Marc Hines, a glass artist in Tigard, Oregon, USA received the first ceramic fiber lid prototype that we developed for the Fusion-series glass kilns. He said, “I love the lid. Please advertise it. I think it's a real winner. ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Pat Evans says, "Just about everywhere you go for classes, you'll see the Paragon SC-2 or a similar kiln in use for metal clay. That's because it really is a great little kiln."

“Even though I am considering getting a larger kiln so that I can do bigger pieces of glass, I am also considering replacing my Paragon SC-3 with the smaller Paragon SC-2 (same footprint, but shorter). The reason is that I t ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Washington Glass School says, "We use Paragon kilns daily, often for multiple-day firings. They withstand the rigors of frequent use very well."

“The Washington Glass School has used only Paragon kilns from our beginning eight years ago, and those same kilns have served over 4,000 students in hundreds of classes and workshops. We use them daily, often for multiple-da ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Wesley L. Smith (Assistant Prof., Ceramics UND) says, "I'm amazed by the old Paragon kilns. They have been in circulation in the studio for close to two years now, just firing along like two old workhorses."

“We were contacted by the craft center on campus in the union, which was closing. They said they had two very old Paragon kilns we could have and promised us they both still worked. So, we crossed campus to take a look. The ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Janice Pearce, Owner of Glittering Glassware says, "As my first kiln, the Paragon FireFly is so simple to use and a dependable / reliable workhorse."

“I am a Glass Artist with much of my design efforts focused on the creation of handmade fused glass pendants. Currently, I can fire up to 8 pendants at a time, so this kiln is the optimum solution for my situation and applic ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Cindy Durant says, "I purchased my first Paragon kiln when I got started using PMC. That was the SC-3. I love this kiln."

“Born in California, I moved to Australia in 1983. I now live in a remote coastal area in South Australia with room to move, surf, and spend time roaming quiet beaches. My environment is my constant inspiration for my arts a ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

Karl Amelang says, "Just a brief note to express my appreciation for the professional, helpful manner displayed by Paragon tech-services agent, Susan, who helped me with a kiln problem this morning around 8:00 AM. "

Over the course of my past career, I served in some of America's largest and most complex call centers, with companies such as MCI and International Paper. I have personally monitored hundreds of service calls over time, and have written and deli ... [Full Kiln Testimonial]

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