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For Distributors: 11 Ways Paragon's Website Will Help Your Business

1 Your Distributor Listing

Click on “Where to Buy” above, then “Find a Local Distributor” from the drop menu. Visitors in your area can find you by entering the zip code.

Please check your listing for accuracy and send us updates. Be sure to include your email and website addresses so you can receive valuable customer referrals. Please send a brief description of your company including products, services, classes, store hours, etc. We will add that to your listing.

2 “Design Your Own Kiln” Section

Since we have such a large product selection, we have created a tool to help your customers find the exact kiln they need. Select “Products” above and then “Design Your Own Kiln” from the drop menu. As the customer answers questions on type of firing, kiln size, voltage, breaker size, and controls, the list of selected kilns at the bottom of the page grows shorter. Use this tool while talking to customers.

3 Pre-Qualified Lead Generator

Customers who have gone through the “Design Your Own Kiln” section can choose to have a local distributor contact them. The customer’s contact information is then emailed to the nearest Paragon distributors. Pre-qualified leads of customers in your own area will build local store traffic.

4 UPS Tracking

When we ship small kilns and parts by UPS, you will receive an email notification from UPS with the tracking number. To check the status of your shipment, go to “Support” above and select “Track Your Shipment.” Enter the Paragon sales order number, which we send you when confirming orders.

5 On-Line Catalog

The kiln pages offer a wealth of information to help you sell and service kilns. Go to “Products” above, and then select “On-Line Catalog” from the drop menu. On a single page you will see a list of all the kilns on our website. You can also search for kilns by selecting an application listed on the left side of the home page. Individual kiln product pages include color photos, detailed specifications, options, upgrades, replacement parts, and links to downloadable wiring diagrams and instruction manuals.

6 Kiln Product Sheets

Schools and community centers often request kiln specifications sheets from distributors. Architects and electricians need them when designing a school or installing a kiln. You can obtain these sheets by pressing “Print Friendly” from the upper-right corner of a kiln product page. The kiln photo, description, electrical requirements, inside and outside dimensions, crating dimensions, weight, and options print onto a Paragon letterhead. Sizes and weights are shown in English and metric units.

7 “Print Friendly” Pages Save Ink

The “Print Friendly” feature on the kiln product pages strips away the graphics from the top of the website and page border to conserve on printing ink.

8 Quick Searches

Search our extensive knowledge database fast. The database answers hundreds of kiln questions. Select “Support” above and then “Operation FAQs” from the drop menu, or “Products” and then “Product FAQs.” Questions are listed by subject. Your new employees will love the FAQ section.

The website’s search line ignores dashes, blank spaces, periods, non-characters, and is no longer case sensitive. Search by either the kiln model number or 10-digit PN number. Quickly find wiring diagrams, kiln pages, manuals, and replacement parts. Enter a couple of key words to find FAQs.

9 Download Photos / Sales & Marketing Materials

Select “Resellers” above and then “Photos” from the drop menu. You will find Paragon kiln photos in jpg format for your website and in tif format for your catalog. Catalog photos are in high resolution, around 9 megabytes, and color-corrected. Select “Sales Materials” to download flyers, the catalog, and price list.

10 Wiring Diagrams

Select “Resellers” above and then “Wiring Diagrams” from the drop menu. Before you begin working on a kiln, download the diagram. It is a roadmap of the kiln’s electrical system that shows how each component is connected. You can often diagnose a problem simply by looking at the diagram.

11 Replacement Parts

Go to the bottom of a kiln page and click “Replacement Parts.” You will see the main parts for that kiln. Click a parts photo to enlarge. Now you have an illustrated parts list and wiring diagram at your fingertips for not only most current Paragon kilns but also for many of the discontinued models.

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