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Founded as a family company in 1948, Paragon Industries, L.P. is the leading manufacturer of electric kilns and furnaces.

Who We Are

We focus on designing high quality standard and custom kilns for the ceramics, glass, porcelain, pottery, heat treating and metal art clay markets. We focus on quality and innovation to assure you that your Paragon kiln will produce reliable and consistent results. Paragon has invested for a long term commitment in the kiln market by developing a 52,000 square foot manufacturing facility staffed with over 70 full time employees, including two research and development engineers and five customer support agents.

Together with over 200 knowledgeable distribution partners operating in 17 countries, Paragon is able to deliver a more extensive product line than any competitor in our markets. Our post sales support includes long-term availability on replacement parts and educational seminars on kiln operation, maintenance, repair and advanced technical support. We also produce videos so you can learn at home.

Why Paragon?

We take the time to listen to our customers. We value your opinions on kilns. Your feedback often results in better Paragon designs and new features. Listening to you has resulted in developing 10 new product lines in the last 5 years. With over 4,000 kiln products to choose from, Paragon has the largest selection in the industry. Because we manufacture everything from small table top kilns for first-time buyers to large production kilns for commercial users, we have kilns that are perfectly suited just for you.

The drive for continual design improvement has made Paragon an industry standard for kiln design, as many of our ideas have been subsequently used by our competitors. We use high quality suppliers such as the legendary Orton Ceramics for all of our digital controllers. Our kilns are ergonomically designed with you in mind. We know your time and materials are valuable, so we continually improve our kilns to give you consistent and repeatable firings.

Todd Lokash
Bud Ashlock
Kelly Bartholomew
Brian O'Connell
Marcus Dyess
Laura Miller

Company History

John Hohenshelt, Sr.

In 1981 Frances Darby, the founder of Paragon Industries, Inc., approached John Hohenshelt, Sr, who was vice-president of manufacturing at Tonka Toys. “John, I’ve decided to sell you my company,” she said. They laughed together, but a year later he did, indeed, buy the assets of the company and form a new organization under the Paragon name.

Today, Paragon Industries, L.P. is one of the largest electric kiln manufacturers in the world. The Paragon factory has grown from a garage workshop to 72,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity in Mesquite, Texas, just outside Dallas.

Paragon kilns can be found in dusty garage workshops, basements, hobby centers, and studios the world over.

Paragon kilns have developed a loyal following. One kiln owner wrote, “Please keep building the best kilns in the world.” 30-year-old Paragon kilns that were given to grandchildren are still firing, and we regularly hear from people requesting a manual for kilns made during the 1980’s.

Since John Hohenshelt, Sr., bought the company, the world has gone through momentous changes. In the coming years, who knows what the future of our industry will bring? We hope you join us in exploring that future together.

Bud Ashlock
Brian O'Connell
Laura Miller

Factory Tour

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Paragon Industries, LP

Custom and standard Kilns and Industrial Furnaces for ceramics, pottery, heat treating, enameling,
dentistry, laboratory, and glass fusing.

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